Success! Our First Art Show Was Great!

Thanks so much to all of our volunteers who helped make the Full Circle Communities Art by Kids for Kids, Art Show event so awesome!  Here’s to the people who helped the children and the parents of Garden Ridge create beautiful art.  The moments when they are creating exciting pictures of what they want their lives to look like is a huge experience for people who live in the inner city.  In Discipleship Based Development, we ask the mothers to imagine a city and community they would like to call home.  Art is an outlet for the children and families to express their dreams.  They most have amazing dreams, because the art they create is phenomenal.

Thanks to all the people who came and made the event a success.  Full Circle was hoping for 30 to 40 people to attend our first show.  I think we were very close to that number.  The people enjoyed the art.  The venue was gorgeous.  Everyone had a great time.  Sherry and her team put together a great event to raise funds to bring the heavenly city down to earth a little early, Rev. 21:1-6.

The night before the fundraiser, 9 to 10 women and their families attended a Discipleship and event planning event.  It was a great meeting.  Three ladies enjoyed a devotion on the salvation time line, ending with the heavenly city.  We started with God’s perfect creation, the fall, or broken relationship with God, as one member stated it, the redemption paid for us by Jesus, the washing of our sins in baptism, and the heavenly city of God, Dios de Ciudad.  Darren asked them, what do we do between baptism and the city of God.  We have taught this time line before, so Maria said that we share the story.  She was exactly right.  We learn the story.  We are discipled.  Someone teaches us the story and then we share the story until Jesus call us to his city.  Friday night, we focused on what the city of Jesus will look like.  It will be perfect and beautiful.  It will be the greatest place we could ever live.  There will be no crying, good schools, plenty of food, a room in his father’s house, good jobs, good bosses, fair bosses, honest people, people will love each other, people will respect each other, there will be justice and there will be the visible presence of Jesus’s love everyday, Rev. 21:1-6.

The question is how to we bring the city of God to our city?  What would it take to have that wonderful city here in Dallas, in Vickery Meadows and in the Garden Ridge Apartments?  The ladies said that we would have to work together.  We would have to love each other.  We would have to care for each other and make sure no one was in want, just like the believers in Acts 2.  It is a wonderful thought.  I let them know that part of bringing this dream into reality is the Art Show, Expisicion de Arte.  Through this Art Show and other fundraisers like the Cup of Peace we raise money to transform our neighborhood into the city of God.  A city that we will all call home someday soon.  It is our jobs as Christians to spread the word, love each other, love those who do not know Jesus, care for all of Jesus family, even those who don’t come to our parents house every Sunday, treat them like family, love them like we want to be loved and work hard to make sure everyone has their daily bread.

The ladies loved the Discipleship lesson and seemed very eager to come to the Art Show.  It was disappointing that only one of the ladies and three children attended.  A different three children were helping me load the car to take supplies to the Art Show just hours before the event.  I was in one apartment and the whole family told me they were getting ready to leave in 20 minutes.  We are not sure what happened.  It was our first event away from the apartments.  It was only 300 yards.  The families shop and Home Depot, JCPennys and Wal-Mart, which are very close to the theatre. It may have been cultural.  Often in Hispanic culture the ladies rule the house and the men rule the outside activities.  It may have been a conflict with something else.  Some of the men may have gone fishing and left the ladies to look after the children at home.  We thought the ladies were very excited to sell tamales, taquitos and burritos to the none Hispanic families.  Several of the families were looking to buy from the Garden Ridge ladies.  It is very interesting that even when people don’t attend we get a lot of interaction with the  families.  We created a texting list with all of the family’s cell phone numbers.  The list worked great on Friday and we had a great group.  The list was ready to go on the day of the event and we texted them twice.  When no one was attending I stopped by some apartments to talk to the families.  Having events gives a great opportunity to talk to our families.  Even when no one attends, we still are creating strong relationships that is one giant step close to bringing heaven to earth and creating the city of God.

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