Sherry’s Father Taught Her Well

Today of all days, Sherry got a flat tire.  We were rushing around to get ready for a major Art Show fundraiser  tomorrow and Discipleship planning and Bible Study meeting tonight.  Sherry called me and said she was driving on the rim of the tire.  A very kind woman pulled up next to her car and told her, her tire was completely flat.  It is shocking how many times these things happen right as we are doing things of great importance for the mission of Jesus.  The reality is, that there is no mistaking it, El Diablo, doesn’t like to lose.

Sherry handled the problem like a champion.  She handled it like her father had taught her how to handle herself, if something like this happened.  She took a deep breath and started to way her options.  She called we worked her three options.  She had already thought of changing the tire herself and that was the first option.  The second was to call someone from the Garden Ridge mission.  As it happened, she was about a mile from the apartment.  Her third choice was to call our towing insurance.  Over the last few years we have had too much experience with being towed.  Tow insurance is great, but it does take two to three hours to get picked up and delivered home.  Sherry did not have two to three hours.  The mission had important a Bible Studies and an important event that needed our attention in the next few hours.

Sherry decided that she could change the tire.  She did not want to wait for the tow truck.  Over the phone, Sherry and I worked out how to change the tire.  Last year, there is no way Sherry could have done this with her Chiari Malformation.  The of bending over and straining to loosen the lug nuts would have been too much for her before the surgery.  She is not one hundred pecent better, but she was ready to get her hand dirty.  The tools, the jack and the spare tire were all in the trunk.  She found the lift point on the car and started to learn how to work the rinky dink emergency scissor jack.  Oh by the way, if you are wondering why I did not get in the car to save her, remember that our other car seized up after burning tons of oil for three years.  She was in a parking lot 4 or 5 miles from the house.  I was in no shape to ride my bike to save her.  My tough and gorgeous princess was able to get the donut out of the trunk, loosen the lug nuts, jacked the car up and changed the tire.  It felt like she did it in record time.  I am very proud of her.  At the last-minute, a few young men stopped by to ask her if she needed help, but she was already done.  She is the princess, with whom people love to get the picture taken and she can get down and serve with the best of any disciple I have ever met.  Mmmmmmmmmmm, ……. this just may be one of the reasons I pledge my life and my love to my Sherry.  She is a  missionary, a doulos or bond servant of Jesus, beautiful and She has a smile that lets you know just how much Jesus loves you.  She really is all that  and a bag of chips.  God bless you, my beautiful wife and lifelong partner in the mission of our loving savior.

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