Fiesta to Worship

Our strategic plan at Full Circle Communities is to gather people for fiestas or parties and through service and relationship building create a worshipping body.  Everyone is invited to the parties and everyone is invited to worship.  More people come to parties than worship, but no matter what everyone is invited.  No one is told they cannot party or attend service events, because they did not attend to worship.  Full Circle wants to create true lasting development with the community, families and each member of the community.  Everyone is invited to Discipleship Based Development meetings where everyone discusses how to create a better community working with our neighbors.  In the end, our hope is that the community looks like an Acts 2 community.  The community in Acts 2, made sure that everyone had what they needed and no one was with out.  Full Circle serves its neighbors, because our Father in Heaven, loved us and fulfilled our every need.  Full Cirlce loves our Father and wants to give his gifts to all poeple.  Garden Ridge is the first of many neighborhoods with whom Full Circle hopes to share the love of our heavenly Father, Matt 22:37-39.

About Full Circle Communities

Our Vision is empowered communities in Dallas, America and the world created by a discipleship movement in the name of Jesus Christ. Acts 1:9 Our Mission is to listen, connect and empower people to develop their urban communities and gather in the name of Jesus Christ. Jeremiah 29:4-7. Our Goals To Listen to people To Connect people To Empower people. Matthew 28:18-20 View all posts by Full Circle Communities

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