85 Children and 35 families recieved School Supplies!

The line was around the corner!  There were so many children and their families.  They were all so thankful for their gifts from St. Paul, Thrivent, my sister in Alaska, and all the people who donated money and supplies.  Full Circle thanks you as well, without all of the donations we cannot make these wonderful things happen.  Jesus and the Holy Spirit are also always working at these events.  Through the work of the Holy Spirit we met 5 new families once again.  Each family gave their information and excitedly listened to all of the opportunities to get involved with Full Circle Communities.  Most of the new families did not know all of the things going on in our apartment.  We find that funny, because a month ago we met 10 new families for the first time.  Through the strength and effort of the Holy Spirit and our Lord and Savior we have met 15 new families in two months.  Daily we give thanks to our Lord for what he is doing at Garden Ridge.  Full Circle knows that we cannot do any of this by our knowledge and strength.  All of these awesome things come from the strength of our Lord and through his love shinning through our hearts.  We love these people, because Jesus loves us.  We love them with all of their faults just as Jesus loves us.  Thank you Lord Jesus and thank you Holy Spirit, give us strength and courage to continue this ministry, because we know that everything good comes from you.

About Full Circle Communities

Our Vision is empowered communities in Dallas, America and the world created by a discipleship movement in the name of Jesus Christ. Acts 1:9 Our Mission is to listen, connect and empower people to develop their urban communities and gather in the name of Jesus Christ. Jeremiah 29:4-7. Our Goals To Listen to people To Connect people To Empower people. Matthew 28:18-20 View all posts by Full Circle Communities

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