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At our Discipleship Bible study on July 27 on of our friends asked for her own Bible.  When we first met her 5 months ago, she had never read a Bible before.  We were so excited to give her the Bible.  We absolutely jumped at the chance to give her the Bilingual Bible, so she good read the English.

This week she brought her new Bible back and it already had four bookmark.  She sat down and asked how she should read her Bible.  She had started in different places and wasn’t sure how to get going.  We were studying the book of John 10:1-18, and I recommend we go through the study and she start reading the book of John.  She was super interested in our study as she always is and learned a lot.  John we got to share one of our favorites verses in John 10:10.  We learn that “I am” means God, as he named himself in Exodus 3:14.  Jesus calls himself “I am” twice in our passage.  She learned something new about God and we taught her she will need to study and be discipled to understand the full meaning of the Bible.  We got to the most important part of our study, what does Jesus mean in verse 1o when he talks about the abundant life?  The Abundant Life is the translation of the word Zoe from the original New Testament Greek.  I share this definition –

Zoe is life as God has it, that which the Father has in Himself, and which He gave to the Incarnate Son to have in Himself. Eternal life is the present actual possession of the believer because of his relationship with Christ, and that it will one day extend its domain to the sphere of the body is assured by the resurrection of Christ.

Jesus wants to give us life as God has it.  He wants to give us a life as good as he and his father have.  This is so much more than abundant life.  it is so much more than a life filled with more stuff, great food and a great house.  This is life as God has it.  The is having eternal life now in the present.  It is having eternal life the moment we are baptized.  It took some explaining to understand this definition, but once she understood, she knew just how much Jesus loved her and her family.  Jesus wants to make us his brothers and sisters.  God wants to reclaim us as his children.  Pray for all of our disciples to have a thirst to continuing learning about their salvation through Jesus Christ.  Pray for that love flow to the other sheep Jesus is also concerned about verse 16.  There were 9 ladies there tonight with 2 or 3 who came and went.  Pray for this church of young disciples to keep growing.

Thank you for your support and prayers, God bless,

Pastor Darren and Sherry

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